1. Open packaging containing the VibraTip™ device

2. Remove VibraTip™ from packaging and check for damage

3. Test VibraTip™ by briefly depressing the activation button and confirm that the device vibrates

4. Clean VibraTip™ by wiping with an alcohol swab


1. Hold VibraTip™ gently between thumb and index finger

2. Gently touch the patient’s intact skin twice, each time for about 1 second, with the rounded tip of VibraTip™, explaining that ‘this is touch one’ and ‘this is touch two’. Randomly activate VibraTip™ on either the first or second touch

3. Ask the patient which of the two touches was associated with vibration

4. Clean VibraTip™ between uses with an alcohol swab


VibraTip™ should only be applied to intact skin

VibraTip™ should not be applied to mucosal surfaces

VibraTip™ should not be inserted into the urethra, ear or other body cavities

VibraTip™ should be kept away from the eye

Do not allow alcohol from cleaning swabs or other liquids to seep into the battery compartment of VibraTip™

Do not immerse VibraTip™ into liquid at any time as permanent damage is likely to result

VibraTip™ should not be placed in a microwave oven or autoclave

Always dispose of VibraTip™ safely

Patent Application GB0814968.4 and PCT/GB2009/001993

VibraTip™ is a trademark of University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, UK registered Trade Mark Application No. 2514506