More about VibraTip™

VibraTip™ is used for Diabetic neuropathy which is the condition whereby patients with diabetes lose sensation in their feet making them prone to ulceration and eventual limb amputation. VibraTip™ overcomes many of the limitations associated with current methods of diagnosis, a tuning fork or monofilament, by providing a single stimulus in a discrete, pocket-sized device.

VibraTip™ was invented and developed by Andy Levy, a Professor of Neuroendocrinology at the University of Bristol and Consultant at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. Andy is passionate about learning, innovations in clinical skills teaching and providing quality patient care. He has invented a range on manikins to support the safe development of clinical skills in trainee doctors. These manikins are sold around the world. His latest invention, VibraTip™, represents Andy´s first diagnostic invention and he is delighted to see his idea developed into a medical device that will improve the management of diabetic feet and reduce the likelihood of limb amputation.

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University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust is proud to have supported the development of VibraTip™ and believe it will make an important contribution to providing quality patient care and support.